Jurisprudence in an African Context by Bilchitz, D et al

Jurisprudence in an African Context by Bilchitz, D et al

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ISBN 9780199048496

Publisher: Oxford University Press 2017

294 pages

Soft cover

Jurisprudence in an African Context explores the unique contribution of African jurisprudence, and that of Western jurisprudence, to engage with the context and issues of contemporary Southern African societies. The text's unique pedagogy invites the reader to explore African perspectives of law through excerpts of primary texts, and supports understanding, engagement and debate through accessible and stimulating commentary. Organised thematically, the text engages with many urgent and important issues, related to law and justice, which concern African societies: these topics include land reform, the distribution of wealth and opportunity, who counts as a member of a political community, the rights of gay people, the interests of traditional societies, and approaches to dealing with crime. The text provides a rich perspective of the proper role of law and justice in contemporary society, through the lens of African history, context and values.