Bare by Jackie Phamotse

Bare by Jackie Phamotse

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ISBN: 9780620829267

Porcupine press, 2017

Soft Cover, 299 pages

Treasure is a naïve dreamer tossed into this unforgiving reality. Intent on supporting herself, she walks out of her dysfunctional family home in Westonaria and straight into the greedy heart of Jo’burg, disguised as the city of gold and black diamonds, to chase the illusion of fame and a happy ending.

Living a life of luxury in a society of artificial human beings comes at a hefty price.

She is wooed by a wealthy man who grooms her into a power-hungry machine... but is the pleasure worth the pain and endless sacrifices? What can she offer a man who has everything but a soul?

As her life crumbles around her, can Treasure alter her fate before it’s too late?

This inspirational novel is for all those who see one side to life; it's time to open your eyes to both sides of the coin.