Migrants, Thinkers, Storytellers by Kurzwelly, Jonathan.

Migrants, Thinkers, Storytellers by Kurzwelly, Jonathan.

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ISBN: 9780796925985

HSRC Press | 30 July 2021

Paperback | 270 pages 

Migrants, Thinkers, Storytellers develops an argument about how individual migrants, coming from four continents and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, are in many ways affected by a violent categorisation that is often nihilistic, insistently racial, and continuously significant in the organization of society. The book also examines how relative privilege and storytelling act as instruments for these migrants to negotiate meanings and make their lives in this particular context. This edited collection is based on a collaboration of humanities and social science scholars with individual immigrants, who engaged in narrative life-story research as their guiding methodology and applied various disciplinary analytical lenses. Migrants, Thinkers, Storytellers provides a collection of diverse life stories and migratory experiences, and contributes diverse theoretical insights into the understanding of social identification during migration.