Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge :   by Levine, Susan

Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge : by Levine, Susan

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ISBN: 9780796923929

HSRC Press | 01 June 2013

Paperback  | 208 pages


Conceived in response to the urgency of bioethical debates in medical anthropology, this ethnographic collection touches the borders of anthropology, philosophy, and public health. At a time in world history where medicine and medical practice is deeply contested in the everyday as well as in juridical terms, this book makes an essential contribution to global debates about tradition, about science, and about the politics of knowledge production. Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge situates South Africa in the context of other cases of contention and contestation in other significant nations-including the history of South Africa's stances and political formations around HIV/AIDS-in the broader context of questions relating to science, medicine, human experimentation, and structural violence, all of which shape the cases in the book.