CCMA: A commentary on the rules by Peter Kantor

CCMA: A commentary on the rules by Peter Kantor

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ISBN: 9781928309055

4th edition

Siber Ink, South Africa, 13 October 2015

Soft cover, 336 pages

The 4th edition of CCMA: A Commentary on the Rules updates the CCMA Rules and Guidelines, which were amended with effect from 1 April 2015. A body of Labour Court jurisprudence is finally emerging on the interpretation of the CCMA rules, which has required some of the amendments. Others arise from recent amendments to the Labour Relations Act, and the rest are aimed at greater efficiency.The upcoming edition sees this work becoming more of a legal text for practitioners, with reference to legal precedents. At the same time it sticks to its original intent, to be a handbook for the person in the street who wants to use the CCMA. Originally published in 2001, CCMA: A Commentary on the Rules was updated and revised in 2005 and 2012 as CCMA Rules and Guidelines were amended. This is the fourth edition of the title. This title is published in a handy pocket-size to have it on hand for quick reference and for easy use in CCMA hearings.